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Lea Michele’s Ultimatum to Cory Monteith: Rehab or We’re Over — Report

It’s no secret that Lea Michele (Rachel) has been immensely supportive of her boyfriend Cory Monteith’s (Finn) decision to enter rehab for substance abuse earlier this month. However, new reports are suggesting that Lea did much more than just agree with Cory’s decision after the fact. She may have made him choose: Go to rehab or I’m breaking up with you!

“Lea gave him an ultimatum,” a source tells OK! Magazine, via Hollywood Life. “She said she loved him and she couldn’t watch him slowly kill himself, so if he didn’t get help for his substance addiction then she didn’t think they had a future.”

Hey, whatever works as a motivator... right?

“She told him how much she loved him, how amazing he was and how he didn’t need to drink to feel good. She adamantly supports Cory.”

The mag says that it was the possibility of a future without Lea that really drove him to seek treatment. “Cory did it for her as much as he did it for himself. He sees a future with Lea, he cares about her, and he has seen what happens to people he loves when he spirals out of control. He has come too far to let that happen again.”

While we applaud Cory for his decision, we do think it is important that his ultimate reason for seeking treatment is a desire to get better, not simply a need to please someone else. Do you believe this report, or do you think it’s all a bunch of talk?

Source: Ok Magazine, via Hollywood Life