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Dancing With The Stars

Sean Lowe Reacts to DWTS Diva Accusations in a Shocking Way With Peta Murgatroyd! (VIDEO)

Bachelor star Sean Lowe has been in the spotlight long enough to know not to read the tabloids, but when rumors swirled that he was being a diva on Dancing With the Stars, he couldn’t avoid the stories.

Surprisingly, his reaction to the original TMZ story was caught on camera — and it’s not what you’d expect from the calm, cool, and collected star.

After reading it on his phone, he exclaims, “I’m not a diva!” before his DWTS partner, Peta Murgatroyd, comes to bring him a drink. That’s when things get weird... and very diva-like!

In the video below, he proceeds to slap various bottles out of Peta’s hands when he doesn’t like the options. First, a bottle of Gatorade (“No, water!” he yells), and then various forms of water. He smacks them on the ground one after the other, exclaiming, “In a bottle! No label! In a cup! Colder!” before splashing it directly on her face. Whoa!

Check out the hilarious clip (which we are 99.99 percent sure is staged) below , and then tell us what you think in the comments!