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American Idol

American Idol 2013 Recap: Season 12 Top 6 Results! 4/11/2013 (VIDEOS)

Who was eliminated on American Idol tonight? Was it the end of the road for Cuban-born Lazaro Arbos on the American Idol results this evening after weeks of terrible performances? Will it be an all girls American Idol 2013 Top 5 with Candice Glover, Kree Harrison and Angie Miller as the favorites for the crown? Tune in with us for our live American Idol recap and find out who went home and who made the Top 5, or if the judges were forced to use their save power!

After last night’s drama-filled Top 6 American Idol performances show, we frankly just have no idea what to expect tonight! Once again, the sole remaining guy in the competition, Lazaro Arbos, gave two absolutely dismal performances. Yet, it wasn’t long ago he was voted into the Top 3 by the viewers. Will his supporters finally turn their back on him after the American Idol judges ripped him to shreds last night? Some of the fan polls are predicting yes, but others are predicting no... with Janelle Arthur as the most likely girl to get the boot. Or will he somehow survive and force the judges to possibly use their save to rescue one of the girls from elimination?

We desperately hope Lazaro Arbos will not make it through this week because it would simply be a travesty after last night. Up until now, it was kind of sweet and kind of funny watching him get through week to week. Well, it was right up until Burnell Taylor was the one who went home on American Idol last week. That one kind of hurt and left many of his fellow contestants, like Candice Glover, in tears. Which is why we posted earlier today about the American Idol judges needing a veto as well as a save.

Whether Lazaro arbos was the contestant who was voted off American Idol tonight or not, we’re sure there are going to be a lot of shocked fans this evening either way. Join us right here, right now, for our live American Idol 2013 recap and watch what happens with us!

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And here we go! First up, of course, is a mini-review of last night's performances and critiques from the American Idol judges. Not that anyone could forget how bad Lazaro was last night, or how amazing Candice Glover's show-stopping final performance was! After an introduction of the judges, we launch into the requisite cheesy Brady Bunch group performance for the night. This actually wouldn't be so bad except they give Lazaro a lengthy portion to sing solo, which sounds just as bad as everything he mangled last night.

After the commercial break, the American Idol Top 6 finalists are off on another ‘Ford Fiesta Mission’ to play giant soccer with two Ford Fiestas. On a roof. Or at least it looks like a roof. I just kept expecting someone to drive one of those tiny cars right off the top of the building, or at least shove the giant soccer ball over the edge and totally freak out some poor person way below on the street.

Lazaro, Angie and Kree were the Top 3 finalists in the last voting ranks, so host Ryan Seacrest runs us through a flashback of their highlights from last night. Mentor Jimmy Iovine pitches in with his evaluations of the contestants. Jimmy says all he can do at this point is compare the finalists against each other. He says Lazaro’s first performance last night “hit me like an Ambien milkshake.” If he were to rank Lazaro among the remaining finalists, he’d put him in 10th place. Someone tells him from off camera there are only six contestants left. Jimmy says yes, I know.

Next up, Ryan Seacrest starts separating out the contestants into pairs. He puts Angie Miller in one corner and pulls up Lazaro next. Ryan wants to know why Lazaro is laughing and he responds that he thought Jimmy’s comments were funny. The audience does not laugh with him. Neither do the American Idol judges. Ryan puts Angie, Lazaro and Kree in three different spots on the stage. He says all of them were in the Top 3 last week... but will they be this week? (We really hope not...)

Kevin Bacon is in the audience tonight! I guess a few hundred thousand people just became a few steps closer to the source in the six degrees of Kevin Bacon. When Ryan Seacrest asks, Kevin says he would be utterly terrified to have to stand in front of the American Idol judges.

It’s time for our first guest performance of the night and we’re continuing the theme this year of returning American Idol finalists and winners. This time it’s American Idol Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery with his new single “See You Tonight”.

Scotty McCreery was great on American Idol, and obviously he won, but we always felt he still had quite a ways to go before he really reached his full country potential. With this new song “See You Tonight”, it sounds like he’s really come into his own at last. He’s confident, powerful, and comfortable on stage in a way he never really quite was when he was competing on the show.

Back from another commercial break and host Ryan Seacrest tells us all about how the fans have sent in tons of suggestions for themes this year. Listening to him, we can’t help but wonder why the producers have apparently ignored a lot of really good theme ideas and given us things like, oh, “Classic Rock, No Ballads” instead.

Now we wander through some more highlights from the other finalists and Jimmy Iovine speaks his mind about Janelle Arthur and Amber Holcomb. He says Candice is a 10 out of 10, Amber is everything he looks for in an artist and he doesn’t get why she isn’t landing the votes.

Ryan puts Janelle with Angie, Candice with Kree and Amber with Lazaro. He says one group is the Top 2, one is the middle 2 and one is the bottom 2. Our gut immediately says Amber and Lazaro must be the bottom group... but could it possibly be Angie and Janelle are actually the ones in danger? That would be bad news for Janelle. We aren’t sure the American Idol judges would use their save on her if she got voted off.

Usually we hate all the guest performances because we’re waiting so impatiently for the results, but tonight we are pleased to hear from the next one up — original American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson! Wow, she just kills it up there with her new single "People Like Us" and she looks smokin' hot. The finalists are freaking out over Kelly. Kelly is freaking out over Mariah Carey and says she would have thrown up if she had to audition in front of her. Mariah climbs on stage in her burning red dress and towers over Kelly while she continues to talk about her worship. It's really cute actually.

Another break is over and it’s time for more results from Ryan Seacrest. He announces that Kree Harrison and Candice Glover are America’s Top 2! We so agree with those voting results!

Now Ryan announces the next set of results. After the nationwide vote... Lazaro Arbos and Amber Holcomb are the bottom two tonight. Janelle Arthur and Angie Miller are safe and head over to the couches to join Kree and Candice.

We are really feeling kind of bad for Amber because she really does have a great voice and personally we think she’s a better performer than Janelle. America just doesn’t seem to agree though.

Finally, at last, Ryan reveals the person with the least number of votes tonight is...

Lazaro Arbos!

It’s finally time for Lazaro to go because the American Idol judges have absolutely no interest in using their one and only save of the season to keep him in the competition. He’s out of here and it’s an all girls American Idol Top 5 for the first time ever in the history of the show!

04.12.2013 / 05:03 AM EDT by Laura Vess
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