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American Idol

American Idol 2013 Spoilers: Season 12 Top 5 Finalists Revealed!

Who was kicked off American Idol tonight was a much harder prediction to make than most eliminations have been. We really thought we had our prediction right for who would go home on American Idol last week and we ended up being wrong for the first time all season. This week, we made the same call about who would be eliminated... and really hoped we wouldn't be wrong again. The votes are now in, and if you're ready to find out the American Idol spoilers for who was eliminated tonight (or was saved by the judges after getting voted out), read on!

If we were going on a history of bad performances, the logical choice for who was eliminated on American Idol tonight would have been Lazaro Arbos. But that guy has shown us he has more lives than a cat when it comes to this show. Whether you call them pity votes or simply adoring fans who are endlessly dedicated, they’ve been successful at getting him through, week after week. Plus, he has the backing of the nefarious Vote for the Worst crowd.

And then there’s Amber Holcomb, who has yet to make a misstep in the competition and draws Whitney Houston comparisons nearly every week, but somehow ends up in the bottom three repeatedly. She also had the least amount of Twitter followers of the American Idol 12 Top 6. How can that be? We’re scratching our heads but, unless someone launches a viral campaign for that gorgeous singer STAT, she could in trouble as well. We also thought maybe Janelle Arthur might be in danger of going home since she's been the weaker of the two country girls on the show most of the season.

Here’s the thing... Whether it was Amber or Janelle who ended up on the chopping block, we imagined the judges would probably finally use their save, as it was their last week to use it anyway. If it was Lazaro, we were pretty certain the judges would NOT use it.

No matter what did go down tonight, it’s surely to have American Idol fans abuzz. Ready to find out what happened? Click through our gallery below to find out who made it through to the American Idol Season 12 Top 5 and who got eliminated on American Idol tonight!

04.12.2013 / 07:29 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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