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The X Factor

Demi Lovato’s “Heart Attack” Video Is Super Dirty! Watch It Here!

X Factor judge Demi Lovato is back and better than ever with the music video for her pumped up summer hit, "Heart Attack," and guys? It's amazing — but we hope Demi got a good shower afterward, because it’s a little messy!

The video starts off with Demi staring into our souls in slow motion. We think she might be mad at us, but who knows? Then Demi emerges from a vat of silver goo, but before we can be all "girl, you have something on your face," BOOM. She's makeup-free and belting out a tune while wearing terrifying black gloves. Or maybe her hands have been dipped in ink? It's hard to know, because we are currently cowering under a blanket.

But wait, everything is wonderful again! Demi is singing in some abandoned shack with her band and it's great, but oh no — there seems to be a lightening storm in the background. QUICK, someone get Demi out of there before she gets struck!

Actually, nevermind, she's back in her chamber of ink. This time, the ink is running down the walls and totally ruining Demi's white shirt (ugh, don't you hate that), but fear not. Girlfriend is rolling with it. Like, "whatever, ink, I will sing through this pain!"

So what have we learned? Demi Lovato might be having a heart attack, and also she's really good at making us think during her music videos.

Source: YouTube

04.12.2013 / 11:10 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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