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American Idol

Did Lazaro Arbos Deserve to Go Home on American Idol 2013? 4/11/2013

Any sort of scandal can have the word “gate” added to the end of it, giving it almost an air of historical relevance. We hereby deem the time Lazaro Arbos spent on American Idol “Lazaro-gate”.

It was a tumultuous time, with many up in arms when he continued to sneak through week after week despite forgetting lyrics, being off-key, and seeming generally uncomfortable on stage. When anyone would point out the injustice, however, the “Lazis” would come to the Florida ice cream scooper’s defense.

What was really interesting is that, after he ended up in the Top 3 last week, one of his own Idol peers expressed her somewhat backhanded disgust over it. Angie Miller, who was once considered Twitter besties with Laz, tweeted, “Honestly, I’m shocked with America’s votes. This competition will NOT be the same without @BurnellAI12.” We can imagine it’s especially difficult for those who are performing to the best of their ability see someone like Laz in the Top 3, but it’s shocking to see the insider backlash nonetheless.

Alas, last night, the hammer finally came down on Lazaro, giving us the first-ever all-female Top Five on American Idol. So the question is: Did Lazaro deserve to go home? Is “hell yes” too harsh an answer? That’s how we feel, at least. After watching amazing singers like Devin Velez and Burnell Taylor go home while Lazaro remained, we’ve been itching for this to happen. After all, the world demands justice!

It was still painful to watch someone as talented as Amber Holcomb join Laz on stage in the bottom two, but at least the right person went home. Even Burnell took to Twitter to express his gratitude, tweeting, “God is good!” Whether it was more geared towards Lazaro going home or his object of affection remaining in the competition, we’ll never know, but we imagine it’s a bit of both.

What did you think about Lazaro Arbos going home on last night’s results show?

04.12.2013 / 11:11 PM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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