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Does Brittany Die in Glee’s “Shooting Star”?

Spoilers for tonight’s Glee Season 4, Episode 18: "Shooting Star" said that a major Glee character’s entire future on the show would be up in the air. So when Brittany (Heather Morris) was left alone and unprotected in the girls bathroom during the school shooting scare, we began to worry that Glee might kill her off for good.

After all, actress Heather Morris is reportedly pregnant, and her pregnancy would be very difficult to write into the show. For a while there, we seriously wondered if Glee might just kill Brittany off so as to not have to deal it!

Credit: Adam Rose/©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

Most of the New Directions were in the choir room when shots erupted through the school. Brittany, however, was in the girls’ bathroom. With everyone else either safely outside or locked up in the choir room, Brit was all alone — and had very little protection from any potential attacker.

In the end, we learned that there was no shooter after all. The gun had misfired, and there was never any crazed shooter running around looking to kill people. But we didn’t know that, and Brittany certainly didn’t, either. For an extended amount of time, Brit stood on top of a toilet seat: one little easily-bashed-open stall door was the only thing separating her from the possibility of a swift death.

Luckily, Glee decided not to off one of it’s most beloved characters. Britt is alive and well. She did not get killed in this episode. Now, if you’ll excuse us — we have to go track down Lady Tubbington and clutch her tight in relief.

04.12.2013 / 07:20 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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