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American Idol

Does Glee Come After American Idol For Lazaro Arbos?

Though what seemed like a foregone conclusion to many finally became a reality last night, that doesn't mean Lazaro Arbos will be going gently into that good night anytime soon.

The dismissed American Idol contestant (and last standing male singer) already has perspective and big plans for what is coming next.

“My main goal wasn’t to win a TV show. My main goal was to get known as an artist and to have people who love me. And I’m one step closer to that. As long as I get signed and I go on tour and people buy my records I’ll be fine,” Lazaro said. He also alluded to the fact that the show, with all the criticism he garnered, was responsible for giving him a thicker skin. “This show molded me so much. I’m so tough."

Despite their clashing Lazaro and Nicki Minaj shared a moment on stage after his dismissal and he later revealed what what Nicki whispered to him.

“She said that I’ll be fine regardless, because I’ve got a lot of people who love me, and she’s not worried about me.”

As to what's next? Lazaro wants to travel and go on tour to meet his fans beginning with the Phillippines. He also said that he wants to start recording.

”I want an album where the words mean a lot and come from the heart, but I want a pop vibe.”

Lastly and most interestingly, Lazaro is trying to get in touch with Ryan Murphy for a guest run on Glee. Go big or go home, right Lazaro?

Source: EW

04.12.2013 / 05:52 PM EDT by Knox McCoy
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