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If You See These Ingredients on Your Food Labels, Don’t Buy!

BHA. What the butylated hydroxyanisole is that? It’s just a preservative that companies use to prevent rancidity in food. Sadly, it’s also been shown to cause cancer in rodents, so we think we’re going to ditch Fruity Pebbles from now on. So what else are we eating by accident? Honestly, we didn’t research all 3,000 FDA-approved additives, but we did weed out a few that are going on our permanent NO-NO list, thanks to Men’s Health!

These nasty suckers, which can be found in Baskin-Robbins sundaes, have been found in breast cancer tissues. Really, is the ice cream worth it? We think not!

Sodium Nitrite
Hot dogs stay pink by using these additives, but they can also form powerful carcinogenic compounds, so consider limiting the baseball game staple.

Caramel Coloring
These days, the food industry makes the additive by treating sugar with ammonia — you know, the stuff that’s so strong, it’s used in household cleansers? The carcinogens that can be produced from the combo should put you off on pop: The coloring is found in soda!

Typically used in vanilla- and raspberry-flavored foods, it isn’t necessarily harmful, but it is made from beavers’ castor sacs, a.k.a. anal scent glands. Seriously, need we say more?

Food Dyes
One study linked Yellow 5 to hyperactivity in kids. Another showed Yellow 6 and Red 40 are contaminated with carcinogens, and apparently, Red 3 causes tumors. Maybe they should be called Not-So-Lucky Charms.

For a more additives to avoid, check out the entire list at Men’s Health.

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04.12.2013 / 06:05 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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