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Is Glee’s Ryder Getting Catfished?

Hands up if you're worried about Glee's Ryder (Blake Jenner)? Sure, this lanky dude whiles away his days frolicking gleefully in the hallways of McKinley High along with his fellow nerds, but let's not forget about boyfriend's tragic love life. Guys, Ryder is in love with his computer. Or, more accurately, he's completely smitten by his new internet crush, whose identity is still a major secret!

Ryder and his crush have only been chatting for a few weeks, but they're already dishing all kind of intimate secrets and feelings. The problem? Ryder recently asked his mystery lady if she'd be interested in meeting up, and she signed offline. Sigh, this is Catfish all over again.

If you aren't familiar with MTV's most popular reality show, Catfish follows host Nev Schulman as he exposes phony internet relationships, and unfortunately Ryder's story is pretty classic. Boy falls in love with pretty girl, pretty girl turns out to be obese grandpa, boy's heart is broken.

And the worst part? Glee creator Ryan Murphy seems hell bent on Catfishing Ryder. "Yes. I like this Catfish story," Ryan tweeted when a curious fan asked if we'd find out more about Ryder's online love.

Now that we know for sure that Ryder's internet girlfriend isn’t who she claims to be, we’re dying to find out who you think her true identity is. Hit the comments and spill your theories.

Source: Ryan Murphy on Twitter

04.12.2013 / 06:46 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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