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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Jacqueline Laurita Exposes Nasty Messages From Danielle Staub, Danielle Responds

The cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey may be reluctant to reveal whether or not Danielle Staub will be appearing on Season 5 of this show, but Danielle certainly knows how to keep herself relevant and involved with her former co-stars.

All About the Real Housewives reports that Jacqueline Laurita is now outing Danielle for nasty messages she allegedly sent to a Twitter follower — @MardigrasBarbie —, encouraging the follower to damage Jacqueline’s reputation.

Indeed Jacqueline did post screenshots of Danielle’s alleged conversations with @MardigrasBarbie, and they don’t make Ms. Stub look good. In the first exchange Danielle tells this follower to retweet a “cry Youtube video” in an effort to get a “nasty” response from Jac and her “wacky family.”

While we’re not sure what Youtube video Danielle was referring to, it sounds like Jacqueline has a pretty good idea. “Here's another person who has been fueling people behind the scenes for years now,” she tweeted along with the screenshot.

In yet another screenshot of a different conversation, Danielle apparently tells @MardigrasBarbie to have an unblocked “fan” put something on Jacqueline’s Facebook wall to make her look bad. In the direct message Danielle calls Jacqueline “Jac the Wac,” and laments that she’s a “loon.”

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“I have plenty more where that came from. Geez, What some people will do to try to stay relevant. #love & light,” Jacqueline later tweeted.

But as can be expected, Danielle wasn’t ready to take this attack lying down. She had a message of her own for Jacqueline, and tweeted, “@JacLaurita awww Jac you are such a sad mean bored & bitter individual. I feel so bad for you .......I wish you nothing but#LOVEnLIGHTDS.”

We’re honestly not sure what these gals are fighting about, but we’ll see soon enough; Season of RHoNJ premieres June 2!

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