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American Idol

Lazaro Arbos Knew He’d Go Home Next on American Idol — Exclusive!

American Idol 2013 finalist Lazaro Arbos was literally the last man standing in the competition. The Cuban-born singer fully expected this week he’d also be the last guy headed out the door in Season 12. Lazaro’s longevity on American Idol this year has been the subject of a lot of controversy among critics and fans of the show, but you have to admire his determination in the face of adversity.

Wetpaint spoke exclusively to Lazaro Arbos before the Top 6 American Idol performances show and asked him why he thought his time on the show would come to an end this week.

Q: You’re the last boy.

LA: Yeah, that’s kind of weird because I don’t think that ever on the show has there been five girls and one guy. That is a weird set-up.

Q: Knowing that boys have been going home every week, what does that make you think about Thursday?

LA: This week is my last week here. This week just me, five guys. Bam.

Q: I don’t think so though. You’ve got to have a sense that people have your back.

LA: I know that the people who follow me love me and I love them back. But I just think that the boys have been just gone, gone, gone. So I hope in the next week it’s not me.

Q: Usually you do your solo really well because it’s something you know and it’s something you like. But then there is the other number…

LA: I think that the reason why I’ve messed up in my group performances is because I haven’t known my solo song that well, so I focus on my solo song so much that I just don’t pay attention to my duet song. So that is what happened the last week. I think I just focused too much on “We Are the Champions” because I know it. So I had to make sure that. And I think that the fact that when you are on stage with another person that makes you feel more laid back, and it makes you feel more comfortable. And that can sometimes be a bad thing.

Q: Exactly. And this week you don’t have another person to fall back on.

LA: This week I know my songs really well.

Q: Okay good.

LA: So I think I am going to say all the words right as I knock on wood.

Q: Is it stressful being the only boy with all these girls?

LA: In what sense though?

Q: Well look, there’s a lot of estrogen.

LA: Yeah, there’s a lot of girls, a lot of girls that are really nice but they always have their girl moments.

Q: Yeah. Exactly. I’m sure girls band together in different ways than guys do.

LA: They do. Yeah, so I’m by myself now.

Q: Who’s your group? Who do you band together with?

LA: I am best friends with Amber Holcomb. She’s my best friend so I am glad that she is hasn’t left and hopefully she won’t leave because she’s the most amazing vocalist I have ever heard.

We wish Lazaro all the best, but we do have to wonder what happened to Angie Miller being his best friend in the American Idol 2013 house just last week?