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Snooki Fires Back Against “Extreme Diet” Rumors in a Funny, Surprising Way! (VIDEO)

We all know that Snooki has gone from party girl meatball to svelte and slender mama over the past few months, kicking butt at the gym and shedding 42 pounds after giving birth to her son.

Although Snooki has shared some of her yummy diet meals and fitness tips online, and even on TV on The Dr. Oz Show, some fans are still convinced that she lost weight the unhealthy way and has a crazy diet. Apparently there’s even a rumor that all she eats is eggs!

Snooki debunked this rumor and responded to reports that she has an unhealthy diet in a funny, surprising, and very Snooki new video skit that she posted to her Celebuzz site.

In the skit, Snooki’s sitting at a restaurant (hilariously, she’s got a huge booth to herself and about four big bags across from her), perusing through some gossip magazines like People and In Touch, commenting on her favorite celebs like Jessica Simpson — who she says is “so cute” — and wondering what else is going on in the celebrity rumor mill.

“What is this crap?” she snarks to herself, right before the waiter brings over her dinner, only it’s not what she ordered! She tells him so, but he insists he was told to bring her an egg. Snooki insists she ordered chicken and broccoli, while the waiter tells her he’s heard that she only eats eggs.

How does Snooki respond to this ridiculous scenario? By doing something equally ridiculous, of course. With relish, she takes the egg out of its dish, cracks it, and pours the yolk all over the magazine article that claims she has an “extreme diet”!

“That’s what I say about that,” she says, before cracking open up one of her faves, People, and going about her business as if this were just another day in the life.

We know it sounds crazy, but you have to see it for yourself. Watch the sketch below, then tell us what you think of her response!

04.12.2013 / 10:30 PM EDT by Julia Lynn Rubin
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