The Voice 2013 Battle Round Spoilers: Six Season 4 Pairings Revealed!
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The Voice

The Voice 2013 Battle Round Spoilers: Six Season 4 Pairings Revealed!

Let the battles begin, Voice fans! The days of spinning chairs and nervous auditions are over and now we’ve moved on to the battle round stage of the competition. At the end of the final blind audition on April 9, we got a sneak peek of what’s to come next week.

Not only did it make us excited to see our coaches and new celebrity mentors in action, but it also leaked six of this season’s pairings. For those who are new to the battle rounds, the coaches pick two members of their team to go up against one another as they duet (or “battle”) on the same song.

This season losing contestants have the opportunity to be stolen by another coach. If a coach wants a contestant who lost the battle round, they press their button for them. If more than one coach presses his or her button, the contestants are once again given the opportunity to pick their team. Each coach gets two steals.

Here’s who will be going up against each other in the battles:

Team Blake

The Swon Brothers vs. Christian Porter — The goofy country-singing brothers will guitar-playing Christian who brought us the creative rendition of “Sexy and I Know It.” Christian is probably better known to The Voice audience because his audition was so different, but The Swon Brothers work really well together with impressive harmonies and an energetic stage presence.

The Voice 2013 Battle Round Spoilers: Six Season 4 Pairings Revealed!
Credit: STILL    

Team Adam

Karina Iglesias vs. Judith Hill — Karina is the rocker who convinced Adam and Blake to press their buttons for her at the last second. Her growly voice has lots of power behind it. But this little lady might be in trouble because she’s going up against one of Adam Levine’s obvious favorites, Judith Hill. Michael Jackson’s former backup singer is clearly talented and was a major win for Team Adam. We don’t see him giving her up too easily.

Midas Whale vs. Patrick Dodd — Midas Whale is the hilarious folk duo that rocked The Voice stage, accordion in hand. Though they’re new to being a duo, Midas Whale clearly works well together. Patrick Dodd is the growling blues singer from Memphis, Tenn. who’s been singing on Beale Street most of his life. This will be a tough one, but Midas Whale is so popular that Adam would be crazy to eliminate them this early.

Team Usher

Taylor Beckham vs. Jess Kellner — Taylor, the former gymnast, was one of Usher’s clear favorites from the blind auditions. She has an R&B sound that appeals to him, but we’re bigger fans of Jess Kellner’s dreamy, romantic vibe. In the blinds, Jess sang Ingrid Michaelson’s arrangement of “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” This pairing is a bit odd, but Usher will probably favor Taylor.

Jeff Lewis vs. Josiah Hawley — We’re happy that Usher chose to pair these two up because they honestly could be the same person. You only need one attractive John Mayer wannabe per team. Jeff sang a mellow version of Usher’s “U Got It Bad” in the blind auditions and Josiah sang a Maroon 5 song so maybe for the battles they’ll tackle Shakira. Jeff has a better sound, but Josiah has better looks so this really is anyone’s game. Plus, check out Ush getting mega pissed in the clip when these two are caught laughing. Chills.

The Voice 2013 Battle Round Spoilers: Six Season 4 Pairings Revealed!
Credit: STILL    

Team Shakira

Cáthia vs. Mary Miranda — We’re also grateful that Shakira opted to pair these two Spanish-singing contestants together. One has to go because essentially they serve the same purpose on Team Shak. Monique Abbadie also sang in Spanish, but as we’ve said numerous times, we see much more potential for her to be a crossover artist with Spanish influences. Between these two Cáthia seems to have more impressive vocals, but it could depend on the song.

Are you excited for these pairings? Tell us below!