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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Star Shaves Head, Gets Mini Mohawk: Awesome?

Leave it to Merle! This is what happens when you die on The Walking Dead. Your hair dies too.

Michael Rooker didn't have that much hair to begin with, and outside of TWD he usually hid it under a hat. But he shaved off most of what was there and now he has this funky little swirl at the top of his head.

Credit: Instagram    

Rooker shared this photo on Instagram, writing, "My new do...ShitYes!!!"

What do you think of his new hairdo? Rooker could literally get away with anything — as evidenced by all the crap Merle pulled on Season 1 and Season 3 while still making us love him in the end — and he pulls off this new look pretty well.

Should he convince Norman Reedus to get a matching mohawk?

Source: Instagram