What Have Holly Durst and Blake Julian Been Up To?
Credit: Holly Julian on Instagram    
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The Bachelorette

What Have Holly Durst and Blake Julian Been Up To?

The time has come to check in on Bachelor Nation's favorite couple, Holly Durst and Blake Julian. These two met while competing on Bachelor Pad (sigh, those were the days... the intoxicated days), and quickly fell head over heels in love — despite the fact that Holly was partnered up with her kinda-sorta fiance, Michael Stagliano (with whom she won the cash prize!).

What Have Holly Durst and Blake Julian Been Up To?
Credit: Instagram    

Nowadays, Holly and Blake are married and happier than ever, but what are they up to? This fun-loving duo have been living the fab life in Greenville, North Carolina, with their tiny dog/ewok, but don't be fooled — Blake and Holly work their butts off! Holly frequently does readings of her children's book Chocolate Socks, and keeps us entertained with hilarious Twitter musings like "I miss the days when people named their children Wolfgang" (join the club, girl), while Blake is busy being the sexiest dentist this side of the Dirty South.

Tragically, Blake barely ever tweets — too busy filling cavities, natch — but if you miss him you can always head over to North Cackalacky's premiere dentist, Signature Smiles, where Blake drills teeth on the regular.

As far as we know, these two don't have any current plans to resurface in the reality TV world (although Blake has been known to make the occasional appearance on The Doctors), but here's to hoping they won't retire from Bachelor Nation any time soon!

Source: Twitter / Signature Smiles