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Who Is Lavish? What We Know About the Notorious Instagram Teen

If you’re an Instagram regular, chances are you’ve heard of Param, the supposedly filthy rich San Francisco 17-year-old who goes by Lavish, short for his handle itslavishbitch. We recently told you about the spoiled teen who loves to send off fat stacks of moolah tied to balloons into the great unknown, pour bottles of Pellegrino into the toilet, and wear two pairs of pricey True Religion jeans at a time, just because he can. But is any of it actually real?

Since Lavish created his account just a few months ago, the Louis Vuitton-loving user has over 130,000 followers, many of whom regularly comment on the pics of his American Express Black Cards (yes, multiple), six iPhones, and gold-plated staples. Because, you know, normal staples just aren’t good enough.

In addition to his Instagram account, Lavish has several other linked accounts, including a Facebook, Twitter, and even a personal website, although they all just host the same shared photos of the rich boy wonder and his ‘spensive belongings.

Oh, and did we mention he loves to insult? We can’t even repeat many of the actual words he uses in his account descriptions, posts, and comments to his followers, but he loves to taunt people about their need to save money while he struggles to find ways to spend his, and his affinity for referring to people poorer than himself as peasants has even spread to our girl Kimmy K.!

Lavish wrote a very lengthy tweet to @kimkardashian that included several repeated thoughts about foreign cars and Forbes, bad grammar, horrific spelling, six uses of the word ‘cheap’ and four of the word ‘peasant.’

That’s just plain mean, and, might we add, totally incorrect. But we digress.

Thankfully, we’re happy to report that most likely, Lavish as a personality is a fake. Digital Trends did some digging, and found that Lavish claims to host $15k and $25k giveaways, but the winners’ accounts are all untraceable; it’s suspect that he suddenly just decided to create all of these social media accounts a few months ago to log his expensive taste and activities; and there are also some inconsistencies in his claims: For instance, Starbucks sets a cap of $500 on their cards, which is a long way from Lavish’s nearly $10,000 balance.

What do you think of Lavish’s antics? Sound off below!

Source: Digital Trends

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04.12.2013 / 05:59 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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