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The Bachelorette

Who Will Desiree Hartsock Pick On The Bachelorette?

Season 9 Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock is livin' the dream! This gal is currently surrounded by a fleet of shirtless hotties, all of whom are vying for her attention as part of a beautiful mating ritual involving roses. We're sure Dez loves nothing more than swimming in this ocean of hunks, but girlfriend has to pick just one stud to spend the rest of her life with. Sigh, decisions, decisions!

According to spoiler king Reality Steve, Desiree's front runners are none other than Kasey Stewart, Zak Waddell and Brooks Forester –– who won first, second, and third place during a talent-based group date in Atlantic City, aka the most romantic city ever (not). So, who are these dashing devils?

Kasey Stewart

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Kasey is a 29-year-old art director from California who also happens to be a star basketball player. This hunk was married to Christian singer Lindsay Labadie, so he definitely has a few skeletons in his closet — though it looks like Des is willing to look past them!

Zak Waddell

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Meanwhile, Zak Waddell is a mud engineer (yes, that's a thing) who hails from Texas. Zak is a major smarty pants with a B.S. in Psychology and English, as well as a Masters of Humanities in Politics and Philosophy, and he used to serve as a Congressional Liaison in the United States Senate! But please — that pales in comparison to his first love: mud. Clearly this dude is a winner!

Brooks Forester

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But then there's Brooks Forester, a part-time model from Idaho who has a self-declared fondness for the "Art of Conversation," aka Desiree's favorite art ever. Brooks seems like the creative type, so we have a feeling Des will fall hard for him — need we remind you of the fact that girlfriend makes collages?

Clearly, all three of these dudes are worthy of Desiree's love, but who do you think will win her final rose?

I hope Des finds true love!

I can't wait for this season to start!

Source: Reality Steve