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6 Fun Ways to Exercise With Your Kids

What, don’t have time to get to the gym? Pssh! Who needs it, anyways? It’s expensive, germ-filled, and boring! Here are some creative ways to work off that junk in the trunk at home (for free!) with the kidlets. These inspired workouts do double-duty as a sweat sesh for you and bonding time with the kids Get motivated, ladies!

Dance, Dance, Dance Off! Ready to bust out your best Gangnam Style, a little Dougie, and maybe even the Running Man? It’s never a bad time for a living room dance party! Torch some major calories while the kids get their sillies out. Bonus: Dancing like a maniac will help bring on the zzz’s come bedtime.

Be a Player. Tag. Simon Says. Steal the Bacon. Who knew that kid-friendly games involving frenzied running could actually replace treadmill time? We’ll take good old games and friendly competition over the boring hamster wheel anytime.

Take a Dip. Almost all kids are little wannabe fish, and that’s a good thing because there’s nothing better for our bodies (and our joints!) than a few laps around the ol’ pool. Get wet and wild with races from one end of the pool to the other or take tag to the water. Hey, even a good splash fight can do wonders for your arms. Here’s hoping our abs and arms look Phelps-esque in no time!

Fabulous Footwear. Slip on some roller blades or roller skates for a spin around the block or pack up and head to your local skating rink (Yes, they still exist!). Trust us, your thighs and booty will reap the benefits, but careful of those knees!

Park It. Don’t just hang back on the bench while the kids go crazy on the playground. Get up and play along with them! Make an obstacle course out of the equipment — those monkey bars are great for your shoulders and, hey — those swings aren’t going to push themselves!

Jump and Hula! Jumping rope is fabulous cardio and will help tone up those upper arms and legs. Go old school and gather up the neighborhood kids for a double-dutch sesh (single-rope jump rope might be easier!) or grab a handful of ropes and compete to see who can do jump the longest. And speaking of cheap and fun playground equipment, hula hoops are another awesome tool. They hit your core area and help with overall coordination and spine flexibility — need we say more?

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04.13.2013 / 05:12 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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