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Aubree Houska Sketches Adorable Picture of Her Grandma (PHOTO)

As if Teen Mom 2’s residential baby fashionista couldn’t be anymore talented. Not only is Aubree Houska a little model-in-training, she’s also dabbled in cooking (with mama Chelsea Houska’s supervision), and now the little girl is working on her artistic skills!

That’s right! The 3-year-old tyke drew a rather stylized portrait of her grandmother, Mary, which her proud mama Chel-Chel has hanging on the fridge.

“Aubree draws the BEST people right now haha #iloveittweeted the Teen Mom 2 star on April 11 with the kiddo’s artwork! If you didn’t catch the resemblance in the portrait, don’t worry — Chelsea tweeted to fans who Aubree drew the picture of.

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“That specific drawing was of my mom @Glammmma ..just in case you couldn't tell ;) lol”

While we can honestly say we don’t see the resemblance (nor do with think Chelsea’s mom would like to resemble the portrait), we can definitely say that we do appreciate Aubree’s effort and skill. At the age of 3, we could only muster up something that looked like a cross between Elmo and roadkill ... but we digress.

Aubree and her mama Chelsea spent some time together recently due to the unfortunate weather South Dakota’s been having. It was so bad that power at the Teen Mom 2 lady’s house went out!

“@klo7118: @ChelseaHouska r u without power too? Yep it went out at my house, so we are at my moms! Hoping it stays on here” she tweeted to a fan on April 10. Hopefully the power’s back on so that little Aubree can go back to creating more original portraits. We’ll just call this her post-modern Picasso-inspired toddler period.

What do you think of Aubree’s portrait of her grand mother? Tell us below!

04.13.2013 / 09:30 PM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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