What Does Farrah Abraham’s Ex-Boyfriend Think of Her Sex Tape? — Exclusive
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Teen Mom

What Does Farrah Abraham’s Ex-Boyfriend Think of Her Sex Tape? — Exclusive

In case you've been living under a rock (or follow real news, in which case we question your priorities), you know that Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham recently got down and dirty on camera with porn icon James Deen. We know, there are literally not enough jars of Mom & Me Italian pepper sauce in the world to ugly-cry into.

People close to the 21-year-old starlet are just as shocked, including one of Farrah's ex-boyfriends, who asked to remain anonymous because he's "too embarrassed" to be associated with her. Ouch!

"Farrah was and continues to be a delusional fame-hungry person. It's sad for Sophia," he told Wetpaint Entertainment, calling her behavior ridiculous. "I really hope she gets her stuff together but I doubt that will ever happen. It's sad to see someone with so much opportunity use it the wrong way. Granted, she's not very bright or talented but I've seen many 'celebs' use their fame for good and profit from it."

Pretty harsh words there, Mr. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named! While we certainly do not condone Farrah's X-rated career venture, we can't help but feel slightly bad for her (key word: slightly). The backlash has been virulent, and nobody deserves to be bullied.

Then again, Farrah's sexy exy does make a valid point. The last time we caught up with the Iowa native, she was planning her molecular gastronomy restaurant. (In the words of Farrah herself, you can Google it.) With an associate’s degree in culinary management under her belt, she had a real shot at this whole restaurateur thing. And although she's not the best writer on the face of the planet, she has had the loyal fanbase to pull off another possible best-seller.

But, as James Deen reminded us, fame is one powerful drug.

"I don't know her, anything about her story, but the glamor of stardom is alluring, being given the free clothes … I did a couple fashion shoots and people gave me clothes and it's really exciting and really fun," James sympathized with Farrah. "So I can understand wanting to keep her light burning."

What do you guys think? Do you agree with Farrah's ex, or should we all cut the girl a little slack? You know what to do hit the comments and dish!

Lindsay Dreyer is an editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @LindsayNYC.

04.13.2013 / 02:51 AM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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