Mad Men Season 6, Episode 2, “The Collaborators” Recap: Are Pete and Trudy Separating?
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Mad Men Season 6, Episode 2, “The Collaborators” Recap: Are Pete and Trudy Separating?

We've broken down Mad Men Season 6, Episode 2, "The Collaborators", into a mini-recap. If you missed the episode, here are the only five things you need to know:

1. Don Draper could've been a daddy... for the fourth time. A tearful Megan reveals the unfortunate news that she recently had a miscarriage at six weeks pregnant. She also admits she considered abortion before she had the miscarriage because the timing just wasn't right. She told all of this to neighbor Sylvia, who Don is sleeping with, before she told Don. This information did not stop Sylvia from knockin' boots with Don after the fact. Shameless!

2. Does Don have an Oedipous Complex? Yes, sleazy Don is still sleeping with Sylvia, who bears an uncanny likeness to his mother. She seems to conjure up adolescent memories of his mother working in a whorehouse. After rolling around on Sylvia's maid's bed, Don hands Sylvia a wad of cash — an exchange that draws a strange parallel to his brothel memories. Through flashbacks, we find out Don peeped on his mother doing the deed at least once. We're starting to understand his feelings on the subject of sex and relationships.

3. Pete's wife swap doesn't go as planned! Well, Don's not the only dude cheating on his wife with a pretty neighbor. Despite Don's earlier warnings (hypocrite!), Pete pursues something on the side with an attractive blond who lives on the same street. Things go seriously south after the truth (and a broken nose) comes to light. Not only has Pete ruined his own marriage, he's ruined his neighbor's. Could Pete and his wife Trudy really be headed for splitsville? And can we just say, we like this new badass Trudy a lot better than we do her usual doting housewife self.

4. Peggy accidentally discloses a private conversation with a former coworker to her new boss, who later forces her to go after an unhappy Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce client. All's fair in advertising and war, we guess.

5. Don wins back Jaguar's national campaign through some subtle manipulation during a meeting. Pete and the sleazy Jaguar dealer are so not havin' it, but Sterling seems impressed by Don's clever social engineering. Don is clearly still affected by Joan's indecent proposal moment in Mad Men Season 5, which is most definitely part of his drive for wanting to screw over the car dealer. Wonder if this foreshadows more relationship development between Joan and Don?

Overall, we thought this was a much better (and way less weird) Mad Men episode. What did you guys think? Sound off int he comments below!

Original air date: April 14, 2013

04.15.2013 / 10:40 AM EDT by Chako Suzuki
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