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American Idol

Ryan Seacrest Is The Latest Victim of “Swatting”

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest is just the latest in a long line of celebrities who have been "swatted" police are saying.

In recent months, over a dozen celebs have been hit wit the prank, but of late, the frequency has ramped up considerably with Seacrest being the 6th target within the last week.

Strangely enough, Seacrest was hit just hours after he discussed the concept of the prank on his radio show with comedian Russell Brand.

“Swatting,' I don’t like the word very much. Swatting, obviously what you do to insects or a passing bottom,” Russell joked to Ryan on KISS-FM (102.7). “If all swatting attacks are this unnoticeable, I’m ready for war because I didn’t even know it had happened. I still don’t know what a swatting attack is.”

The origin of the prank lies in the kind of calls that are made to law enforcement that elicit a SWAT-team like response because of their seriousness.

For example, Selena Gomez's home was visited by police after a call alleged that "someone had been killed inside the residence and there was a threat to burn the home down."

So far, the celebs victimized by swatting are, Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher, Selena, Chris Brown, Tom Cruise, Simon Cowell, Miley Cyrus and the Kardashians.

Hopefully, this uninspired and lazy method of pranking will lose momentum quickly.

Source: LA Times

04.15.2013 / 06:08 PM EDT by Knox McCoy
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