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Awkward’s Brett Davern and Jillian Rose Reed: “Jake and Tamara Are Perfect For Each Other” — Exclusive

Awkward’s Season 2 finale left us with a lot of surprises... and a lot of questions. Tamara got together with Jenna’s ex, Jake — can Jenna and Tamara stay friends? How will Jenna handle the situation? Will this keep Tamara away from her cheating ex Ricky? What about Jake and Mattie’s friendship — or Jenna and Mattie’s budding relationship?

We spoke exclusively with Brett Davern and Jillian Rose Reed, the actors behind Awkward's controversial couple Jake and Tamara, to get some answers to your burning questions for Season 3. We even got some answers!

Wetpaint Entertainment: Does Jake have lingering feelings for Jenna?

Brett Davern:
I think that in the last episode of Season 2, when Jake kind of opened the door on Jenna and Mattie — when they were in the closet, and he says, like, “Hey. I'm cool with it. Don't worry about it.” — I think he's honest. I think he really is. He's like they're good for each other. That's fine. He's a really mature character, so I think he's able to just kind of bow out gracefully. So I think he was honest in that moment. Yeah, as far as Jake's concerned, there's definitely no lingering feelings. Season 3 is going to deal a little bit about just that awkwardness of now, your ex-boyfriend is dating your best friend and things like that, and we have a couple of awkward group date situations and double date situations.

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What kinds of awkward situations will arise?

Jillian Rose Reed: There's definitely weirdness. It's not explored heavily, but I mean, end of Season 2, Jenna did kind of give Tamara permission. So technically, you can't really say she's breaking girl code, but she kind of is at the same time. There's always that weirdness, and there's a couple moments where Tamara expresses that and is like, “Hey. I'm with him now. What are you doing?” And you have the group dates. They're super fun. They were super fun to film, but, yeah, there's weird tension once in a while. We have a couple moments where I think everyone feels a little weird.

The charade scene in the trailer must have been a little awkward.

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JRR: Yeah, that's one of those moments where we're having a BFGF/BFF, like I explain in the trailer, and there are two people who feel not so connected to their significant others because there's a little bit of tension with that. But I think that this group is pretty strong. Jenna and Tamara are best friends. Jake and Mattie are best friends, so I think that they can really make it through anything. They make it through those moments.

BD: Well, we'll see.

Tamara’s luck with men has been pretty awful. Is her relationship with Jake any different?

Well, I remember at the end of Season 2, a lot of people were like, “Wait, what? I don't think they're right for each other,” and there was this backlash, almost of what's going on? But
I actually think Jake and Tamara are perfect for each other because, as you say, she's been just dicked around by Ricky and all this stuff. And there's Jake who got his heart broken, and in that kind of a similar way where he wasn't wanted anymore. So I think they just kind of found each other. Even though they're kind of opposites, or seem opposite, sometimes those are the best relationships.

JRR: I'm really happy for Tamara because it's been two seasons of heartbreak for Tamara. The ups and downs she experiences with Jake are just better all around than the ups and downs she experienced with Ricky.

Were you satisfied with the resolution of the Season 2 love triangle?

BD: Well, I was happy for Jake in Episode 12 last year. He thought he was going to be a player for a couple of moments, or at least one scene where he told Jenna, “Hey. I'm cool being single. Don't hate the player, hate the game.” I'm bopping around. I'm going to have so many dates, and then what happens? He falls back in his serial monogamous kind of place [...] I don't think he was telling the truth when he said he wanted to the player. I don't think that fits him.

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What about Jake and Mattie’s friendship?

I think the fans will be excited to see a lot more of those bromance type scenes with Jake and Mattie. We have a lot of good moments where it's just the two of us. There's a bro‑b-que.

There are a lot of moments where some of the other characters will come to Jake and reveal these secrets this season which is pretty cool for me to play, and I think fits with Jake and how he's always there for people.

Last season for Jake was a lot of drama — and that's not to say that that's not still there in a new way with Tamara! — but there's a lot more comedy for Jake this season, and a lot more broader comedic moments that have been really fun to play.

Awkward Season 3 premieres tonight, Tuesday, April 16, with a double-episode at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. C on MTV.

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