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Chord Overstreet Avoids His Ex at Coachella, Parties With PLL Star

Welcome to the wonderful world of Coachella Valley Music Festival, a terrifying land where celebrities mingle with mere mortals and wear obscene amounts of fringe and fedoras while doing so. A-Listers flock to Coachella faster than we flock to blocks of cheddar cheese, and Glee's Chord Overstreet (Sam) is no exception. This be-banged man beauty hit up Coachella with Pretty Little Liars' star Ashley Benson (Hanna), and it looks like these two had all kinds of fun in the sun!

Fun fact! @AshBenzo really hates getting squirted w a water gun. So, if u see her... Feel free to go into full on attack mode. #supersoaker," Chord tweeted. Ash quickly replied "haha I hate you. I have a huge bruise from trying to punch you."

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Um, adorable — although Chord's Coachella experience was slightly awkward. The blondie's Glee co-star, Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina), was also in attendance, and she was hanging out with none other that Chord's sexy-exy, Emma Roberts, and her new boyfriend, Evan Peters! Uhm, can you say uncomfortable?

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Just last year, Chord and Emma were partying at Coachella together as a happy couple. The then-lovebirds couldn’t have been more smitten with each other. Chord even picked Emma up and carried her around the festival.

This year, we’re fairly certain Chord probably tried to stay as far away from Em and her new man as possible. No word as to whether or not the exes had an awkward meet n' greet while decked out cut-offs, belly shirts and fringed booties, but chances are they crossed paths at some point!

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