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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013: Anna Trebunskaya Teases “Absolutely Hot” Dance With Maks — Exclusive

Fans of Dancing With the Stars pro Anna Trebunskaya, rejoice! The former pro is returning to the DWTS ballroom for Len’s Side-By-Side Challenge. Luckily for Anna, her partner is none other than fan favorite former pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who is also returning to the dance floor for Week 5.

It looks like not even this fiery dancer is immune to Maks’ charms because when Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Anna at the Reality TV Awards in Los Angeles over the weekend, Anna called Maks “absolutely hot.” We wouldn’t disagree with you there, Anna!

To find out what else Anna had to say about dancing with Maks and Len’s Week 5 Side-By-Side Challenge, read our full interview below!

Wetpaint Entertainment: You're returning episode in episode five?

Anna Trebunskaya: Correct, for a Monday show, I'm doing three routines with the celebrities for the side-by-side challenge.

What can we expect?

Well, I'm super excited about it because I get to dance with Henry who's absolutely lovely, and I get to dance with Maks, who is absolutely hot. So I have the two sides of the spectrum. I have the gentleman guy, and I have the – what is it called?

It's like the devil and the angel.

Kind of, yeah, I have two sides. So I'm very, very excited about that, and I'm very excited about the couples that we're going to be part of their routine. I think they're all fabulous dancers.

Can you say who you're dancing with?

I think so. I'm dancing with Val and Zendaya. I'm dancing with Derek and Kellie and with Jacoby and Karina. So I’m very excited.

How do you think they're doing?

Fantastic. All three of them are amazing, really, really good.

Do you have a favorite of the season?

Do I have a favorite? I don't have a favorite, but because I worked with Jacoby, Zendaya, and Kellie now, now I know them a little bit better, I will definitely root for them.

Is it weird watching from the sidelines?

Yes, it has been weird, but it has been cool because I actually was able to take a seat back and enjoy them and enjoy these beautiful people, and actually be like a spectator and go, ‘Oh, of course, that's why everybody loves Dancing with the Stars because it's a fantastic show.’ When you're not in it, you're able to really appreciate it.

Are you itching to go back? Will we see you again?

I would love to be back. Dancing is a big part of my life, but if things happen, and I'm not, I will always cherish the show and always be a huge fan.

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