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Dancing With The Stars

Does Peta Murgatroyd Think Sean Lowe Can Win Dancing With The Stars?

In her weekly diary about Dancing with The Stars, Peta Murgatroyd had lots to say about her partner, Sean Lowe and she even went as far as saying that Sean could actually win.

On last week's disappoinment: "Last week was very tough for us — we were disappointed with our scores. We thought that we had the waltz down. Sean had it really spot on in rehearsals. All of the sudden, it came to show time and we were announced in third place. I really think that that shook Sean up a lot. The dance didn’t happen the way we had practiced. He was nervous, he rushed his timing and became very frustrated. We both felt he was capable of doing a lot better."

But even though there was a significant amount of disappointment and frustration coming out of last week, Peta revealed that both she and Sean were back at it in anticipation of last night's performance.

Peta also discussed how despite the high stakes and visibility of what they are doing, that Sean maintains a proper perspective and mindset on things.

"The amazing thing is — throughout all of the hard work and tension — Sean manages to not get stressed out. He is really easy going and doesn’t get nervous until show time. In rehearsals, we laugh and make jokes. We are just very fun loving people, so we always enjoy it regardless."

Of course, regardless of mindsets and hard work, it still all comes down to dancing.

"Next week is going to be strange, but exciting. We actually won’t be able to prepare for next week’s dance because it will be chosen by Twitter followers."

But Peta remains pretty steadfast in her belief that she and Sean can advance to the finals.

"I feel like Sean has what it takes to get into the finals and it’s going to take a lot of hard work for him. As long as he keeps his head in the game, which I know he does, then we we’ll get to the finals."

Fans will find out tonight as the results are revealed.

Source: In Touch