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American Idol

Jennifer Lopez’s Ex Uses the “D” Word to Describe Her!

One of the themes for this Wednesday’s American Idol performance show is rumored to be “Divas,” and it’s a timely theme for one former judge on the show. Pop star Jennifer Lopez has been described by ex-husband Cris Judd as a “diva” but also as an “amazing performer.”

Diva is a confounding term when you think about it, as it can have negative or positive connotations. If you’re speaking about a legend in music, like Aretha Franklin, it seems only appropriate to use the term “diva.” But if you’re talking about over-the-top rider requests, like cases of Cristal champagne and suites for an entourage, it can definitely be an unflattering term.

When Jennifer’s ex used the term to describe her in a recent interview, it seemed as though it was a positive reference. The choreographer was asked who is the biggest diva he’s worked with, to which he said, “The most respected one would have to be Diana Ross. It was a pleasure to work with her and we all called her Miss Ross.”

The singer went on to say, “Jennifer is a diva! She is an amazing performer and a confident professional. She is always striving to be better. You have to respect that.”

Hmmm...sounds like he’s meaning well in the statement but referring to Diana Ross as the most respected diva almost sounds like a bit of a slam on J-Lo, no?

He did say, however, there are no hard feelings.

"I was doing a tribute for Michael Jackson at MTV and I saw her in the audience. We kind of waved at each other, and that was about it. The things that happened between us... It didn't work out, but it was amicable. We left on good terms," he said.

Is that a statement bound by major nondisclosure statements, or do you believe him? Do you think Jennifer is a diva?


04.16.2013 / 01:45 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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