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Justin Bieber Seen in Tour Bus, Hotel Room with Playboy Models: Report

All Justin needs is a beauty and a beat some bunnies?

Justin Bieber was spotted smuggling several Playboy Playmates onto his tour bus on the night of April 14, and the next morning one of them was spotted leaving his hotel room, according to Hollywood Life.

Several brunette Playboy models were seen walking onto Justin's tour bus in Germany at around 11:30 p.m.

The models stayed on the bus for an hour and were then driven back to the nearby Playboy Club. So what exactly was going on during that hour?

Maybe they were playing with his monkey? (Get your mind out of the gutter - we mean his actual monkey.)

Then, even more eyebrow-raising is the fact that one of the models then was seen walking into Justin's hotel room the next morning at 8:30 a.m.

This time, she spent two hours in Justin's hotel, and she apparently was seen with a "huge smile on her face" when she entered the hotel.

Of note is the fact that Justin's hotel in Germany was 200 miles away from Justin and the woman had met up the previous night. So this lady is really willing to go the extra mile(s).

Maybe he just needs some bunnies to love?

Source: Hollywood Life