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JWOWW Wants to Adopt a Baby With Fiancé Roger Mathews! (VIDEO)

It’s official: JWOWW has baby fever, and she and Snooki talked exclusively with omg! Insider on the red carpet about her future plans at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.

Snooki got JWOWW to dish about baby plans, interviewing her BFF in a candid chat, and asked, “Since you see Lorenzo all the time, are you looking to add kids?”

While Roger smiled (and looked very handsome, we should say) in the background, JWOWW explained that she and Roger are trying, but they’re also interested in adoption!

Snooki, having been adopted herself, looked delighted at this news. “So if you want to take me to Chile where you were born...” JWOWW said, before Roger finished with, “We could get a little you.”

“I don’t think you want a little Snooki!” Nicole said with a laugh. When asked why she was considering adoption, Jenni explained that her mother was adopted, Nicole was adopted, and she and Roger would love to give a child love, health, warmth, education, and just all of the love in the world.

When asked where what part of the world she’d like to adopt from, JWOWW suggested Chile (where Snooki was born) or Spain, where her mother was adopted from.

As if things couldn’t get any cuter, JWOWW suggested that when the time comes, Snooki come with her on the adventure! “It’d be a party,” Snooki said. We’d definitely love to see that! Maybe a special episode of Snooki & JWOWW?

What do you think about JWOWW and Roger’s plans to adopt a baby? Watch the interview below, then tell us what you think in the comments!

Source: omg! Insider