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The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian Covets Kendall Jenner’s Body! Is This Creepy?

What’s gotten into Kim Kardashian?!

Is the mama-to-be missing her pre-pregnancy body? Or has she always had supermodel envy? We’re not sure what the motivation is here, but Kim is creeping on her little sister Kendall Jenner, and it’s a little bit weird!

Kim posted a Keek video on Twitter with only the word “Envy” as a caption. And what is she envious of? In the video, Kendall is laying out in the sun, so naturally she’s wearing a bikini. As Kim sneaks up behind her, she narrates her feelings about the situation:

“Look at this body on my little sister Kendall Jenner,” Kim said. “How jealous am I?”

Khloe started to chime in, but Kim wasn’t done yet. “I’m just saying I’m so jealous of how tall it is,” she gushed. “I’m not trying to be creepy!”

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Well, Kim, maybe try harder? Of course, Kim is first and foremost a thoughtful older sister, who is mindful of Kendall’s feelings...and also fully aware that she’s being a weirdo.

“Kendall, don’t worry I won’t call you too skinny, I know you get offended,” Kim added. “But I get called too fat, so I’m just saying. Yeah, this is kinda creepy, but I’m just jealous! She’s a model and she’s so tall!"

OK, folks, what do you think? Is Kim just paying her sister a compliment, or is this positively creepy?

It can’t be easy to have a model for a sister, whether you’re pregnant or not. Then again, it’s probably easier to deal with if you’re, you know, Kim Kardashian!

Source: Twitter