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The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian Stretches Gym Clothes Over Gigantic Baby Bump (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian loves to show off her baby bump — or, at least, so says sister Khloe — so we're not surprised that the clothes she wore to the gym recently were exceedingly form-fitting.

Seriously, we can see every curve of this mama-to-be. It's a wonder we can't tell the gender of the baby by those contours on display! (We jest, we jest.)

Few topics have ignited the blogosphere recently like Kim's baby bump and how she chooses to dress it. We think she should be free to wear whatever the hell she wants — as long as she stays healthy — but, by the same token, we're free to judge her sartorial selections!

What will happen when Kim gives birth and can't flaunt this massive belly? We bet she'll miss her outrageous maternity fashion.

Check out the video below for more views of Kim's super-tight workout-wear.