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The Kardashians

Kris Humphries Suspicious Of Kim Kardashian’s Tell-All: Report

Kim Kardashian and her family recently sat down for a soon-to-be-aired interview with Ryan Seacrest, which sounds pretty par for the Kardashian course, right? But evidently Kim’s ex Kris Humphries thinks the whole thing is pretty suspicious!

Kris, who is gearing up for his
divorce trial from Kim, thinks she arranged the interview to head off the negative publicity she’s sure to get when they finally head into the courtroom on May 6.

“Kris is very suspicious of the timing,” a source told “In Kris’ opinion, it’s definitely being done done as damage control before testimony in the divorce trial, which is expected to reveal that aspects of Kim’s reality shows are staged.”

Well, yes. But we knew that already, so is this really negative publicity? What makes Kris so sure?

“Kim will be forced to testify under oath that scenes of the reality show, including a conversation she had with mom about the breakdown of her marriage to Kris, took place after she had filed for divorce,” the source continued.

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Again, we knew this already! Given the insane amount of media coverage that Kim gets on a daily basis, we will be pretty shocked if any genuinely breaking news comes out during this trial. So while we agree with Kris that the timing of this interview isn’t an accident, we disagree on the motivation behind it.

Yes, the interview will air on April 21, not long before their divorce trial begins. But it’s also a bookend on the recently aired season of
Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, which wrapped with some less-than-climactic news about Kim being pregnant and Scott Disick being a drinker. An interview gives the K’s a chance to give fans actual updates that haven’t already been outpaced by the media world.

It’s also a good chance to hype up the currently filming eighth season of
Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which starts on June 2!

So Kris, you can be as suspicious as you want, but until you show us where this negative publicity is going to come from, we’re going to have to agree to disagree. Deal?

Source: Radar Online