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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle Richards Unfollows Marisa Zanuck on Twitter: Are They Still Friends?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills first introduced Marisa Zanuck to us as a longtime friend of Kyle Richards. But apparently, things haven’t been so copacetic between these co-stars since Season 3 wrapped.

On April 12, Marisa revealed that Kyle committed the ultimate social media betrayal: She unfollowed Marisa on Twitter:

At first Marisa seemed equally as dumbfounded as everyone else. When asked by a fan what happened between her and Kyle, Marisa tweeted, “Who knows??? My sister always said she wasn't my true friend but I always wanted to believe otherwise!!”

Marisa later added, “Guess she doesn't like me for some reason and I bet I know what the reason is!!”

While we’re dying to know what this “reason” is, Marisa allayed everyone’s panic on April 13 when she tweeted that Kyle re-followed her:

Phew! Nothing like a little Twitter misunderstanding to make you question a friendship, right?

Source: Twitter