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Revenge Season 2: Which Main Character Will Die in the Finale?

Not even strong mimosas are calming our nerves these days. The Revenge Season 2 finale is fast approaching with only two episodes left before the two-episode finale on Sunday, May 12. And the latest spoilers tell us that one of the key Hamptonites will officially die by the end of Season 2.

This won’t be a “Victoria Grayson boards a plane to her doom” situation. This core character will be six feet under before we even know if Revenge is renewed for Season 3.

So who could it be? We know it won’t be Emily Thorne, Nolan Ross, or Victoria Grayson considering the show would implode without them, but most of the other characters are fair game.

Charlotte Grayson’s been heading down a self-destructive path in the aftermath of her faux-half-sister’s death. Blaming her latest bout of teenage angst on Amanda Clarke's death, Charlotte’s taken to punching random classmates and skipping school at random.

At first we thought she might be pulling an Amanda Bynes, but her relationship to both Victoria and Emily is so strong that her death could leave a real impact on the show. Plus, it’s not like her storyline is central to the plot. And if she died, Declan would certainly start excessively braiding hemp necklaces and living in the sand dunes, stealing lobsters to make ends meet. Think Cast Away with the ghost of Sammy the Dog as Wilson.

We’ve also noticed Jack Porter’s downward spiral since the death of his wife and baby mama. This plaid-covered seaman has turned from innocent to morally corrupt, seeking out some revenge of his own. But he’s clearly not equipped to handle the Graysons alone and he could end up getting in over his head.

Show creators and producers have said countless times that Jack is key to the story because his presence gives Emily something to strive toward, but with his recent change in attitude and actions, he’s just as dispensable as anyone else.

Speaking of dispensable, Aiden Mathis and his jealousy are really starting to disrupt our manicures, if ya know what we mean. We get that he has this deep connection to Emily, but lately he’s been getting in the way and cutting into our Nemily time. Basically, the Brit’s gotta go.

Who do you think will die in the Season 2 finale? Tell us below!

04.16.2013 / 08:55 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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