Should ABC Have Canceled Dancing With the Stars 2013 After Boston Bombings?
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Dancing With The Stars

Should ABC Have Canceled Dancing With the Stars 2013 After Boston Bombings?

All of our thoughts are with Boston today after the deaths and injuries during the Boston Marathon. But ... the show must go on for Dancing With the Stars Season 16?

Just hours after the news broke, while pieces are still being put together on what happened, a bunch of people are going to be dancing on primetime TV. This is our beloved show, and we're extra thrilled to be welcoming back several pros, but should ABC have canceled the Week 5 Performance Show, out of respect for the tragedy, and devoted those two hours to the news? Or do we need this time to bond over something fun and positive?

As fan Linda Hanley wrote on our Facebook page, "If they show this show tonight, I will be shocked, there are more important things than watching mean judges wreck my night - something very bad happened today and I am sure that we will be trying to sort it out and it will not air tonight." Chenee Thompson added, "It's not gonna be on."

But DWTS host Tom Bergeron, who is from the Boston area, tweeted around 6:30 p.m., "Just finished a strange dress rehearsal. Here and not here. My heart is in Boston." He was asked if they would be doing anything on-air about Boston. Tom answered, "We will, at the top of the show, as well as breaking for any @abcnews updates, as warranted."

So the show is going on. Good call or would you have made a different choice?

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