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What Does Single Selena Gomez Want in a Boyfriend?

Selena Gomez has a new song out, "Come & Get It," and she just announced a world tour, on top of her current film Spring Breakers. So she's all over the media circuit promoting her new material. Which means she's being asked about her dating life — aka life after Justin Bieber.

The 20-year-old star will be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, and E! News posted a clip from their hilarious talk. Ellen joked that she knew Selena just came on the show to discuss how she and Justin aren't together anymore. "I know that's important to you, so [deep sigh] go ahead." Selena and the audience just laughed. "It's gotta be hard," Ellen continued, "because everyone knew you were a couple and now you're not together anymore, and of course no one's going to leave it alone. We have to ask you about it. But you're doing OK? We're concerned that you’re happy. We want you to be happy." Selena said, "I am! I met Brad Pitt. I'm great." She was all smiles and giggles.

Ellen also got Selena to confirm she hasn't been asked out since her split with Justin at the start of 2013. Ellen wondered if that's because guys are intimidated by her talent and beauty. "I don't know," Selena said. "Hopefully. That's a lot nicer than to say they're not into me."

Ellen tried to play matchmaker for Selena. "Tell me who you want — I'll get him." Ha! "I know a lot of these people. I can make it happen." Brad Pitt is off limits, but there are other options. Asked what she's looking for in a guy, Selena said, "Someone that can make me laugh" and is "great to my parents." She said he doesn't have to be in the entertainment industry ... so Ellen offered up her own cousin! After all the relationship Qs, Selena joked, "I feel like I'm doing my eHarmony profile."

What do you think? Selena is still very young and she has a world tour ahead of her, so she doesn’t necessarily have to jump into a new relationship. But do you think she should date another famous person, a non-famous person (like Ellen’s cousin, although he’d be kind of famous by association), or try to reconnect with Justin?

Source: E! News

04.16.2013 / 08:48 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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