Amber Rose Doesn’t Want Your Parenting Advice!
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Amber Rose Doesn’t Want Your Parenting Advice!

Amber Rose seems to love being a mother and is totally devoted to her baby son, but when it comes to unsolicited parenting advice, she kindly asks everyone to sit down and shut up!

Amber gave birth to Sebastian, aka Bash, in late February, and she and fiance Wiz Khalifa have been posting picture after picture of themselves in full (and adorable!) parent mode ever since. Of course, that means putting up with the parenting peanut gallery, and she’s already had just about enough.

“It's funny how every1 turns into a doctor when it comes 2 some1 else's baby.” Amber tweeted recently. “Relax, Sit back & take a shot of shutthefuckup thx :-)”

Down, girl! Amber has always had a take no prisoners kind of attitude (one of the reasons we love her so much), but what the heck brought this on?

We’re guessing it has a little something to do with her previous tweet, where she casually mentioned baby Bash’s pacifier habits.

“He makes me hold his binky in his mouth if I don't he'll spit it out.... My spoiled Lil Munchy ;-)“ she wrote, along with an Instagram picture of her finger on a decidedly badass pacifier.

Not surprisingly, the comments in response to her picture were just full of words of wisdom, like Bash clearly doesn’t want a pacifier, Amber is forcing him to do something he doesn’t want, and similarly well-intentioned (we hope?) pieces of advice.

You heard the woman, Amber fans! Let’s all take our bossypants off for the time being, shall we, and let the lady raise her son.

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04.17.2013 / 01:23 AM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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