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Castle Season 5 Spoiler: Which Couple Will Keep Their Pregnancy a Secret?!

It’s a detective’s job to uncover secrets, but one Castle investigator is currently covering up a pregnancy! Now before you start picturing Rick Castle Jr., you should know that the baby-to-be belongs to Kevin Ryan and his wife Jenny.

We recently learned that Jenny’s pregnant, but apparently Ryan’s not exactly discussing it over coffee at the precinct.

According to an interview from Give Me My Remote with show creator Andrew Marlowe, Kevin and Jenny are keeping things quiet for the time being.

“When people find out they’re pregnant, they don’t tell people right away,” Andrew said.

“They’re in that nervous-anxious period where they’re waiting to get to the three months [of the pregnancy, when it's generally safer]. Most of that stuff is going to be unfolding next season, assuming all goes well and we’re granted a next season.”

Umm, we think that’s a safe assumption! With the amazing chemistry between Castle and Beckett and the endearing episodes (like the Rear Window-inspired 100th), we can’t imagine ABC cancelling Castle when the show is in its prime.

Plus, how cute will it be when Ryan tells Esposito about the baby and asks him to be the godfather?! Tears, guys, tears.

Are you surprised Ryan and Jenny are keeping their pregnancy quiet? Tell us below!

Source: Give Me My Remote

04.17.2013 / 03:14 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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