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Glee’s School Shooting: Lauren Potter’s (Becky) Mother Opens Up

We're still reeling from Glee's emotional "Shooting Star," in which Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) took the fall for our favorite Cheerio, Becky (Lauren Potter), after she brought a gun to school and accidentally set it off in Sue's office. The episode has received mixed reactions from critics, some of whom think the decision to have Becky who has Down syndromebring the gun to school perpetuates a negative image of people with disabilities.

"Some of the stuff that Fox is hearing is, 'Why would Becky be the one to bring the gun to school?'" Lauren Potter's mom, Robin Sinkhorn, tells The Huffington Post. "Whether she has Down syndrome or not, it doesn't matter...Why wouldn't it be somebody with Down syndrome because she's a kid. She's a teenager. She makes stupid decisions just like other teenagers do."

Lauren and Robin don't seem concerned that the controversial episode of Glee will associate Down Syndrome with gun-related violence. In fact, they think Becky's story arch will open up a positive dialogue.

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"I hope it just opens up dialogue even more so," Robin says. "There's always going to be naysayers, no matter what. The point that people should take away is, this is a timely subject and they chose Lauren Potter to act that role, not anybody else in the cast.”

“And it's not because they're saying, 'She has an intellectual disability so she's the only one that would do that' because I think most of the time that happens, it's not somebody with an intellectual disability that does it. But they said, 'You know what? Lauren's been great on the show for four years and she can act this role, so let's give it to her.'"

We're definitely left with a few questions about why Becky brought a gun to school in the first place, and Robin says that fans will "see a little more of the background" to her decision in future episodes. Consider us intrigued!

Source: The Huffington Post

04.17.2013 / 11:35 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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