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Teen Mom

Meghan McCain Slams Farrah Abraham For Sex Tape Scandal!

We know you're trying to forget that Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham made a porn video with adult film star James Deen (good luck with that), but the hits just keep on coming. Hot off the heels of model Christine Teigen slamming Farrah for her on-screen hanky panky, John McCain's daughter, Meghan McCain, took to Twitter to school MTV's sexiest Teen Mom star.

"I just don't understand how as a culture we now reward teen pregnancies and sex tapes while so many teachers and veterans go without any accolades or rewards. It's incredibly depressing," Meghan tweeted to Christine on April 9, adding "I wish America would start rewarding the real role models in this country like teachers and veterans, not teen moms making sex tapes."

Yikes! Them's some serious fighting words! We're not sure that Farrah is necessarily being "rewarded" for filming a pornographic scene (in fact, the general consensus seems to be a mixture of side-eyes and wooziness), but it's true that girlfriend has been receiving tons of attention for her x-rated antics.

There's no doubt that teachers and veterans need to be treated better, but do you agree with Meghan's statements about Farrah, or is she being way harsh? Sound off below!

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04.17.2013 / 10:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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