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The Bachelor

Molly Mesnick Secretly Wants Lindzi Cox and Ben Flajnik to Get Hitched!

Bachelor Pad 3's Lindzi Cox has been single and ready to mingle since she broke up with her BP3 partner in tanning crime Kalon McMahon (sob, their love was so pure), but fear not. According to Bachelor Nation's resident prophet (and new mother to baby Riley!), Molly Mesnick, Lindz has a wedding in her future.

So, who does Molls think should walk Lindzi down the aisle to paradise? Um, her ex: "had a dream that you eloped with Ben Flajnik at Cochella [sic] last night," Molly tweeted to Lindzi on April 16. "Haha weird!"

Um, please make this dream a reality. We'd love nothing more than if Ben took a break from making wine (or whatever he does) to hit up Coachella Music Festival with Lindzi — can you imagine how amazing their wedding would be? Not only would Ben most likely wear a ring of daisies atop his middle-parted hair, we're also pretty sure a fringed buckskin tuxedo would be involved. And with any luck, Lindzi would recite her vows while wearing cut-offs and a tie-dyed t-shirt.

Tragically, it looks like this beautiful wedding is just a figment of Mama Molly's imagination, because Lindzi tweeted back "Haha random!! Congrats on baby!"

Way to change the subject, Lindzi. Stop fighting mother nature and get married to Ben in a field of empty beer cans, already.

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