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Nashville Music: When Does the Next Season 1 Soundtrack Come Out?

We’ve always dreamed of laying on our fainting couch while Nashville star Sam Palladio (Gunnar Scott) feeds us grapes (the liquid, fermented kind) and serenades us. Obviously, a lot has to happen to make our fantasies come true. His IRL girlfriend Chloe Bennet (Hailey) would have to sign some kind of waiver. Onscreen GF Scarlett (Clare Bowen) would have to come with him and monitor the chemistry we’re sure he’d feel while singing to us. And he’d have to do something about that terrifying mustache that is creeping in.

Since all that seems to require too much effort, we’re going to have to satisfy ourselves with a little virtual alone time — with the help of our trusty Discman. The super successful first volume of the Nashville Season 1 soundtrack came out in December and we instantly scooped it up. Turns out we weren’t alone — there have been nearly two million digital downloads of Nashville Volume 1 songs to date!

But a lot of great music has happened on the show since then, and we’ve been itching to get it. Well, we won’t have much longer to wait, friendos. ABC has announced that the Music of Nashville: Season 1, Volume 2 disc will be released by Big Machine Records on May 7!

The album features some of our favorite songs. Which ones are you dying to hear — from Sam’s beautiful lips, or sung by your favorite female stars, tinning its way out of your vintage phonograph (you’re so cool)?

Source: ABC