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American Idol

Nicki Minaj Blames Bad American Idol Ratings on Fellow Judges — Report

American Idol ratings have been in the toilet all season long, although they did improve ever so slightly last week with the dramatic elimination of much maligned finalist Lazaro Arbos. Many reasons for the decline of the hit reality TV show have been thrown around, but one of the most persistent has been a lack of interest in the American Idol judges.

According to one of those judges, rapper Nicki Minaj, that may indeed be true — of the other three judges on the show, but not her!

American Idol ratings for 2013 have been the worst since the show’s initial debut twelve seasons ago. The numbers improved by a miniscule amount last week with the performances of the Top 6 finalists, the elimination of Lazaro Arbos, and the announcement of the final Top 5 girls. However, previous to those small gains, the series had set repeated records for the lowest ratings ever on the show.

Nicki Minaj reportedly believes the blame for the low American Idol ratings should be placed firmly in the laps of fellow judges Keith Urban, Randy Jackson and Mariah Carey.

“Nicki believes she’s the one carrying the show,” an American Idol insider allegedly told the National Enquirer. The rapper reportedly slammed Mariah Carey for “making viewers yawn” and thinks Keith Urban is “too concerned about his public image to be brutally honest with contestants.”

As for all the hateful comments directed at Nicki by fans of the show, she reportedly has had enough with the negativity “because she feels she’s the only one who is at least trying to make the show more interesting.”

Nicki Minaj allegedly isn’t holding back about how she feels about veteran judge Randy Jackson either, reportedly commenting about him being “the same old Randy” and how his “‘dawg’ shtick is just plain worn out.”

Do you think Nicki really feels the other American Idol judges are weighing the show down? Or do you think the “Super Bass” rapper is really to blame for the falling American Idol ratings?

Source: National Enquirer

04.17.2013 / 01:19 AM EDT by Laura Vess
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