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Revenge Season 2 Finale: 5 Potential Deaths!

Please grab a conch shell and proceed to weep into it. Word on the street is that one of our beloved Hamptonites will bite the dust (by which we mean the sand) during Revenge's two-hour Season 2 finale on May 12, and we are officially traumatized. It's like, first Amanda explodes on The Amanda, then Padma is murdered by The Initiative, and now this? How much more can one fan-girl take?

We won't find out the identity of our dearly departed Revenger until the end of the finale, but we've rounded up the top 5 contenders. And don't worry –– Victoria Grayson is not on this list. After all, she already fake-died on us once this year.

1. Charlotte Grayson

We love Charlotte even more than we love shucking lobsters (actually, that's a lie), but girlfriend isn't exactly essential to Revenge's plot. Gone are the days when Charlotte would wander around the beaches finding dead bodies (sob, memories), now this gal whiles her life away wearing sundresses, being all, "I'M NOT A GRAYSON," and swaddling Baby Carl David. Plus, if Charlotte dies Victoria will spiral into a revenge spree, which could provide ample juiciness for the show's third season.

2. Declan Porter

Um, we can't even talk about this. The idea of Declan dying is so unbearable that we're dry-heaving into a pile of sea glass just thinking about it. Then again, he's a supporting character, which means his departure wouldn't make or break the show, although it would break Jack's heart. Honestly, this sea urchin has already gone through so much what with the death of Fauxmanda, we're pretty sure he'd completely loose it and shave off his floppy middle-parted hair in a fit of angst if Declan died.

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3. Aiden Mathis

Aiden has a huge target on his back thanks to being The Initiative's Public Enemy No. 1, and it's only a matter of time before they pump him full of bullets and Emily has to bury him in a sand dune. Aiden's death would hardly be a shocker considering that everyone except for Emily kinda-sorta hates him, and it would free Emily up romantically so she could date Daniel while making sweet love to Jack with her robot eyes. Sorry, Aiden. We'll always remember that time you frolicked gleefully around Japan with that fleet of puppies.

4. Ashley Davenport

Frankly, we're surprised that Ashley's lasted this long. Not only is she privy to all of the Grayson's deepest darkest secrets, she's working for a man who clearly has no problem murdering his haters. If Ashley joins forces with Jack, and Conrad finds out about her betrayal, it's possible that he'll hire one of Montauks roving hit men to take her out in yet another boat explosion. Then again, Ashley is the only person on Revenge who can pull off leather formal wear. Her death would be a huge blow to the fashion industry.

Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

5. Conrad Grayson

We'd hate for our boy Connie to die before having a sexy reunion with Victoria (for some reason all our fanfiction is based on their love/hate relationship –– don't ask), but this handsome devil is in a world of trouble. Not only is The Initiative trying to murder him, like, all the time, but Jack also appears to be plotting his doom, and let's not forget that Emily wants to make him pay for putting her dad in the slammer. Sigh, a world without Conrad Grayson in Madras shorts isn't a world we're prepared to live in.

Who do you think will be killed off Revenge? Hit the comments!