Rise and Shine! 5 Ways to Make Every Morning Easier
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Rise and Shine! 5 Ways to Make Every Morning Easier

Are your mornings a waking nightmare? They don’t need be. We’ve collected five seriously genius ways to sail through your morning. It’s as easy as starting the night before! Build any of these tips into your daily routine and those harried mornings might become a thing of the past. The always-insane morning traffic? We can’t help you with that one.

1. Make lunch right after dinner. While you’re still in the food mood, throw together tomorrow’s lunches after dinner tonight. Store them in the fridge so they’re ready to grab as the herd heads out the door in the AM. Most lunch foods keep pretty well — but don’t bother cutting up apple slices ahead of time unless you like yours brown. (Although a little lemon juice squirted on top will delay browning.)

2. List it. Make a play-by-play list of all the things you need to do in the morning — you’ll be shocked at how much time you save and how little you forget. You will even get the priceless satisfaction of crossing things off a list — a great way to start a productive day!

3. Blow it. We’re here to preach the benefits of a night-before blowout. We’ve made it our mission to perfect the technique because we just don’t have time for a beauty session every morning. Tip: Satin pillowcases will keep your hard work from getting tangled overnight!

4. Get outfitted. Think of the time wasted in front of the closet when you could be dressed and out the door. Planning outfits for the whole family the night before is just plain smart time management. Sure, there might be a last-minute costume change here and there — but for the most part, it’s a huge time saver!

5. Sleep. There’s nothing like waking up exhausted from going to bed too late at night. After all, it takes a fair amount of time — and concealer — to cover up dark circles under the eyes. We’re planning ahead these days (and nights) to make sure that mommy gets her beauty rest.

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04.17.2013 / 02:42 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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