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Rory Bushfield Opens Up on Losing 29-Year-Old Wife: “I Had It All”

Young, gorgeous, and in love, Canadian skiers Sarah Burke and Rory Bushfield got married in September 2010.

"Sarah was my dream girl before she knew who I was, that’s for sure," Rory said in a clip from ABC's Splash, where he is now a contestant. "A lot of the craziest things I ever did were just kind of to impress Sarah."

In January 2012, Sarah crashed during a training run in Park City, Utah. She went into a coma for a week, then died. She was 29. "It was just sort of a fluke crash,” Rory said (via People). “My life's changed drastically. I lost my wife. I had it all. I still have a lot. I'm thankful for everything I have, but I had it all."

Rory, now 29, competed on the diving show with a ruptured eardrum, and he imagines his wife would have some tough-love advice for him. "When I talk to Sarah, I look up," he said, adding that he does it sometimes when he’s scared of something. "If Sarah was here she'd tell me to land on my head — and not be a baby. ... This week I'm going to do a front one-and-a-half, land on my head, and prove to Sarah I'm not a baby. I can do this."

It’s hard to imagine the 180 your life would take if you lost your spouse after not even two full years of marriage. All the dreams and plans they must’ve had... Good for him for honoring her memory by being bold enough to try something out of his comfort zone. He’s definitely not being a baby — he’s being strong.

Source: People

04.17.2013 / 04:11 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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