Snooki & JWOWW Quotes: Nicole and Jenni’s Top 10 Craziest One-Liners
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Jersey Shore

Snooki & JWOWW Quotes: Nicole and Jenni’s Top 10 Craziest One-Liners

We already miss watching Snooki and JWOWW and their boys every week on their Jersey Shore spin-off. When you have two guidettes with bold, hilarious personalities, you’re bound to hear funny things come out of their mouths every episode, so to curb our Snooki & JWOWW fix, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of their best quotes from the show!

1. “This place makes me feel like a virgin. Let’s buy our dildos and go to dinner.” — JWOWW at the sex museum with Snooki in Season 1

2. “What’s the over/under on the baby being over 4 feet tall?” — Roger to Jionni in Season 1

3. “If I drank Nicole’s breast milk right now, I’d probably black out.” — Jionni, after Snooki pumped and dumped her toxic breast milk in Season 2

4. “The fact that I can reproduce is very scary.” — Snooki in Season 1

5. “The day I knew I loved you was the day you got punched in the face.” — JWOWW to Snooki in Season 1

6. “Basically, if Jenni doesn’t get out of this plane... I don’t have a back-up plan. It’s really all or nothing. But you know, worst case scenario, I’ll pay one of them to throw her out of the plane.” — Roger before he proposed to JWOWW in Season 2

7. Pauly: “Well, congratulations on the engagement.”
Snooki: “Yeah — dig in, assholes.” (Season 1)

8. JWOWW: “Fiancé. It sounds French.”
Roger: “It IS French.” (Season 2)

9. “I haven’t seen the moon yet. Is there a moon this country?” — Snooki in Cancun during Season 1

10. “A bottle of Pinot Grigio will be chillin’ as I am pushing baby Lorenzo out.” — Snooki, Season 2

What were your favorite quotes and moments from Snooki & JWOWW? Sound off below!