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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Matt Donovan: An Ode to Mystic Falls’ Best Human

Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig). Poor, human, Matt Donovan. It can’t be easy being Matt.

When you look at where he started off, even the beginning of The Vampire Diaries, before things went all supernatural on him, the world had already starting to lose its luster. Gone were the glory days when he and Elena (Nina Dobrev) were two lovebirds enjoying a normal high school experience. Even his own mother couldn’t be bothered to help him pay the bills.

So much has changed since those early days, but when it comes to Matt one very important thing hasn’t changed — his humanity remains intact. Not counting April (Grace Phipps) (and really, who is counting poor, easily manipulated, constantly compelled, and comically in-the-dark April Young?) Matt’s the only member of the crew without some sort of supernatural power or identity. We have no doubt the dudes makes a killer Manhattan, as one of the Grill’s sole employees, but knowing how best to blend your libations hardly rivals compelling people or superhuman strength.

It almost seems like Mystic Falls has it out for Matt. For a while Matt, had Jeremy’s (Steven R. McQueen) friendship. When the young Mr. Gilbert began communing with the dead, Matt had the power for a brief few moments as well. But we all know how that turned out — exhibit Matt’s hunky weeping over the steering wheel in light of his friend’s death.

But to give credit where credit’s due, Matt has done something that’s nigh on impossible to manage in Mystic Falls: he’s stayed alive. It might sound snide, but this ain’t easy to do in a town overrun by troublesome bloodsuckers and borderline-evil witches. Even Elena couldn’t manage to stay alive, and this is essentially her show!

It begs the question: What does the show have in store for Matt? When last we saw him he was comforting Caroline (Candice Accola) in the wake of Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) departure. While we have no doubt his makes for an excellent shoulder to cry on, doesn’t Matt deserve a little time to shine, power-having wise? Imagine if Matt was a doppelganger! Picture Matt’s double swanning into the Grill, letting him know that if they don’t get their hands on the cure it means the end of the world...

Maybe Matt’s real superpower has been acting as a pillar of strength to his friends. Because as tough as Elena and Caroline and Bonnie (Kat Graham) are, at one point or another they’ve all needed consoling. Even the brothers Salvatore have required an excellent pair of listening ears courtesy of their favorite bartender.

Plus, with Jeremy gone, someone like Matt could connect Elena to her long forgotten human past. That’s definitely something needed now more than ever.

04.17.2013 / 01:03 AM EDT by Rebecca Stokes
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