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16 and Pregnant’s Taylor Lumas Wants Dad to Die a “Painful Slow Death”

The time has come to check in on everyone's favorite reality starlet, Taylor Lumas! Taylor's emotional episode of 16 and Pregnant featured her almost giving up her daughter, Baby Aubri, for adoption. But last time we checked, these two were happier than ever living with Taylor's mom.

Unfortunately, Taylor's life seems to have taken a turn for the dramatic.Not only is she having financial troubles, but she's fuming at her pops because he won't help pay for her car bill.

"Well apparently my car is being repossed [sic] tonight because my piece of s — father refuses to pay 200 dollars," Taylor posted on her Facebook page. "He wants me to pay when I don't even make that much on a paycheck.! I f — ing hate you. I hope you die a long painful slow death and then when you rotting away in the ground I'll be sure to come spit on your grave."

Um ... we have no words.

"I have never hated someone so much in my entire life," Taylor continued while making everyone super uncomfortable. "Your a 'father' . That doesn't mean you use and abuse your children! You have f — ed up my life and have been nothing but a burden . I hate you so f — ing much."

It looks like Taylor's rage extends to all members of her family, as she added "to all the other lumas' im deleting and blocking you as well I hope you all have a nice life drinking and conning it away. F — you all."

Yikes! Clearly Tay-Tay is having a rough time with her family (she even wants to move away from them!), but her Facebook rant is somewhat harsh.

What do you think of Taylor's rage towards her family? Hit the comments!

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04.18.2013 / 09:00 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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